New Jersey GO Battle League


Welcome to the NJ GBL

The New Jersey GO Battle League is an accredited Silph Arena Tournament League based at the Jersey Shore.  Our mission is to build a statewide network of active, informed, and competitive Trainers.  We host a combination of live and remote, Silph League events, and are advocates for community development and organization


Ken Pescatore -  Lured Up Podcast#0220


Gary Kruk - kruky319#9110

Paul Bhatt - Sporkn8er#2984

Contact to get involved by hosting or participating in a New Jersey Silph Arena event. Business inquiries welcome.

Join the NJ GO Battle League Discord

The NJ GO Battle League Discord was formed in November of 2019 and has already become a great destination and resource for PvP Trainers in the state. Placing a focus on community building, Trainers can find battles, strategy, events and camaraderie in a positive and informed server. Throw in some of your favorite Content Creators and Influencers, and we can get this PvP Party started. We invite you to join our community, especially if you plan on competing in the NJ area. JOIN HERE!

Empowering Pokémon GO Communities

By associating your local league with the NJGBL, you will become part of a growing statewide grassroots effort to promote organized competitive play in Pokémon GO.  Connect with other communities, share best practices, and grow the NJ PvP Scene from the inside out. We look to help Trainers find events to participate in while helping communities promote and develop their networks.

Silph Arena Cup Tournaments

Silph Arena Monthly Cup Tournaments are your roadmap to Regional and National competition.  We hope to aid in the development of local talent that can strive to become contenders that can represent their communities on a larger scale.  Participation in all NJSA Sanctioned events will contribute to a Trainer's Silph Arena rank, which is the roadmap to regional or larger tournaments.

Lured Up eSports Travel Team


We are currently developing an official Lured Up Podcast eSports PvP Travel Team.  We are looking for 12 Trainers to fill our roster! Our Team will send Trainers to Tournaments outside of NJ to represent the NJ GO Battle League and their local community

NJ GBL Tournament Schedule

No upcoming events.