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What makes us a different Pokémon Podcast

The Lured Up Podcast is dedicated to Pokémon GO. Focusing on core game mechanics, strategies, news and community, we still find a way to fly off the rails on a weekly basis.  Hosts Ken and Adam bring two unique play styles and perspectives, to create a dynamic that most PoGO Players can relate to. Often discussing highly flammable topics, conversations heat up quick and are filled with a blend of uncensored laughs, opinions, and hardcore analysis!   

We understand the importance, power, and influence that the Pokémon GO Community has. We look to motivate our listeners to become pillars in their local PoGO Communities, and explain how tools like Discord and communities like The Silph Road can make all the difference. We encourage everyone to get out there to meet other trainers and organize events to bring them together

Special Guests

We are proud to bring you the biggest names in Pokémon GO like Trainer Tips, Reversal, Pokémon Master Holly and more. We look to provide an uncensored, long form audio format for our guests to be themselves and to discuss topics not always covered in their own content.

Our Creator Roundtable Series looks to highlight the process, struggles, and day to day rigor of content creation while showcasing creators with varied audience size.

Weekly News Update

Each Episode begins with a roundup of the latest updates, news, and events from the World of Pokémon GO.  We provide clear and concise info to get you the facts so you can feel confident you are maximizing your gameplay.

Meta Is What You Make It

We discuss the different metas in the game from the perspective of both the Endgame Trainer looking to maximize the efficiency of their gameplay as well as the Casual Trainer looking to have something fun and engaging to do while they play.  We like to balance our spreadsheets and data with jokes and smack talk.

Diverse Gameplay and Community Coverage

We want to make sure to represent all forms of Pokémon GO content, including the many varied play styles and metas. Whether you are into grinding, raiding, trading, PvP, AR Photos or any of the many unique mechanics in the game, we have you covered in podcast format.

Battle Party (WHOOP WHOOP)

Each week we will create and discuss a purpose built Battle Party. It may pair with a Raid Guide for the current Legendary Raid Boss, coincide with a specific Weather Condition or Typing, or even something we make up just for fun. Our three styles usually make for different and diverse results which highlight how individual an experience Pokémon GO can be.



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