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TCG Players Rejoice

Bringing together two Pokémon TCG fans with exceptionally different levels of experience creates a dynamic that rookies and experts of the card game can relate to. Hosts Adam Tuttle, who has 20 years of TCG experience and Josh Brown, who has just begun his journey into collecting and understanding the mechanics of the game, collide in a fun and family friendly celebration of Pokémon TCG.

We love small pieces of cardboard

This show is all about celebrating the Pokémon TCG. Whether you have a passion for competition, a love for the artwork, or the itch to collect, you will be at home listening to this show. We pride ourselves in the joy and passion behind our favorite little cardboard rectangles.

The expert and the novice

One of our main goals with this show is to provide content for both the expert player and the novice collector without alienating either community.  By making core mechanics easy to digest, and allowing passion to fuel the fire of collecting, Special Conditions is a perfect blend of science and art.  Every week hear Josh ask Adam a specific question as he tries to figure out this game of energy and prizes.

Deals of the Week

Looking for a good deal on the product you need?  Check out our Deals of the Week segment which features sales and discounts available from big retailers, niche marketplaces, and even individual sellers. Make the most of your hard earned cash while still filling out your deck or collection.

All Hands on Deck

All Hands on Deck is features a different card from popular decks that are currently being run in the standard format.  Learn how to use the featured card effectively and how to use insert it properly into a deck. Also be on the look out for some video content featuring the cards in action!


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 “A Caterpie may change into a Butterfree, but the heart that beats inside remains the same.” – Brock 

Special Conditions TCG Podcast