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Pokémon Professor Core Brands

Lured Up Podcast

Lured Up Podcast logo

Dedicated to Pokémon GO, the Lured Up hosts offer three diverse perspectives and personalities. From casual banter to hardcore analysis, you can expect to laugh while you learn how to maximize your training. Expect to hear from your favorite Pokemon GO Creators!

Gotta Watch'em All Podcast

Gotta Watch'em All logo

Covering Pokémon fandom in all of its forms, the Gotta Watch'em All Podcast provides a family friendly recap of all things Pokémon. This show chronicles Pokemon:The Series with watchalong commentary starting all the way back at Episode 1 of the Indigo League.

Multimedia content covering the world of Pokémon

For those that want to be the very best

Welcoming Trainers from every corner of Pokémon Fandom

“I see now that the circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant. 

It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.”  


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Lured Up Podcast

Lured Up Podcast 83 GO Fest Chicago 2019

From casual banter to technical strategies, three unique perspectives clash in an uncensored celebration of Pokémon GO.  

Gotta Watch'em All Podcast

Gotta Watch'em All 67 - Lights, Camera, Quack-Tion

Discussions from all corners of Pokémon fandom with a chronicling of  Pokémon: The Series starting back at Indigo League Episode 1.

Pokémon GO Vlogs

Pokemon GO Vlog, Pokemon GO, Vlogging, Play Pokemon, Nintendo, Niantic

Follow our adventures as we hit the overworld and play Pokémon GO! 

New content coming soon!

Pokémon GO Streams

Pokemon GO Stream, Pokemon, Pokemon GO, Niantic, Nintendo, Play Pokemon, Twitch YouTube

Take a deeper dive into Pokémon GO news and strategies in a streamed package!

New content coming soon!

Pokémon TCG Unboxings

Pokemon TCG Unboxing, Pokemon TCG, TCG, Unboxing, Pokemon Cards, Play Pokemon, Niantic, Nintendo

We open a ton of cards.  Watch us tear through some cardboard in search of those sweet, sweet, Hyper Rares.

New content coming soon!

Pokémon TCGO Streams

Pokemon TCGO Streams, Pokemon TCG, TCGO, TCG, Pokemon Trading Card Game Online, Nintendo, Stream

A casual approach to Pokemon TCGO! We test off the shelf decks and make our way up the monthly ladder!

New content coming soon!