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Our Original Brand Namesake

The Gotta Watch'em All Podcast is where we started. On this family friendly show, hosts Ken and Adam cover Pokémon in ALL of its forms, followed by a watch along of the Pokémon: The Series. Stay up to date on Pokémon GO, the TCG, VGC, Merchandise and Community events while we chronicle the Anime starting back at Episode 1!  We strive to be a one stop podcast that provides complete coverage of the Pokémon franchise. We wrap up each show by opening a TCG Booster and we need your good vibes so we can pull a Hyper Rare every week. Thanks. 

All The News In One Place

In this full format show we cover Pokémon from every angle.  Whether you are a Card Collector, Competitive VGC Player, or just an inquiring mind, the Gotta Watch'em All Podcast will provide you with an easy to digest rundown of the latest happenings in the world of Pokémon.

Pokémon TCG

Being Adam's specialty, we take out TCG talk very seriously.  From breaking down the latest boxes at retail, to discussing strategies and deck building, any card fan will feel at home here. We have also found an interest in the custom card community, and we love to discussing the artistic side of creation.

Pokémon VG and Pokémon GO

Rooted in the main series games, our video game segment will discuss the evolving landscape of the Pokémon Video Games. We will keep you up to date on the current distribution schedule, as well as the latest Global Link and IRL events. All Pokémon games are open to discussion, including classics, spin-offs, and everything in between.

It isn't an easy feat to keep up with the relentless release schedule of Pokémon GO. We will cover the latest news, updates, and strategies, while leaving the door open for you to dive deeper into the mix over on the Lured Up Podcast.

Pokémon Merchandise

Don't blame us for spending your hard earned money at the Pokemon Center. We are huge fans of Pokemon Culture, including merchandise like plushes, pins, toys, art, clothing and more. Each week we will feature a new product item or line that could be a must have for yourself or a trainer you know. 

Pokémon Anime Watch Along

as the name implies, Gotta Watch'em All the podcast would not be complete without watching an episode of the Anime.  Sync your episode playback and mute its volume and watch along as we add our commentary, feedback and criticisms of the show.  We like to highlight the moral lesson while discussing plot points, character development, and animation style. If you can do the PokéRap, let us know.



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"Pikachui, get in the ball, NOW!" - Ash

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