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Compete for fame, glory, and prizes every month! Designed to be as accessible as possible, our Theme Deck format provides a fair and level playing field to all participants.

All participants receive a bonus just for registering!

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Fame, Glory, and Prizes!

Competition wouldn't be as fun without a prize, right? Each Tournament we create will offer prize support as well as a participation bonus! Check the details of each tournament to see what you are competing for (besides fame and glory) as well as what you will receive, simply for signing up! Most Tournaments will offer prizes like Elite Trainer Boxes!

Theme Deck and Standard Formats

Theme Decks offer the most accessible path to competition in the TCG and TCGO. Each Theme Deck comes pre-built with 60 cards that are ready to play out of of the box. While the TCGO offers digital decks within the app, you can also purchase physical Theme Decks which come with redeemable codes for their online versions, providing extra value to their purchase

Online Live Tournaments

Our TCGO Tournaments are scheduled and completed in one sitting. This makes it easy to coordinate with your opponents as well as providing an experience that is similar to physical tournaments

How Do I Register?

Registering for our TCGO Tournaments is quick and easy. Simply join our Patreon at the TCGO Competitor Tier (or any $5 or greater tier) to gain entry to one TCGO Prize Tournament a month. Joining our Patreon at any level grants you access to our Discord Server. If you decide to remain our Patron in the future, you will also be eligible for one Prize Tournament every month! If you are already an existing Patron at a $5 or greater tier, just message us to join!

How Are Tournaments Coordinated?

Tournament coordination is done on Instagram (where a lot o the TCG Community lives) as well as in the Pokémon Professor Discord. All match ups and usernames will be posted before the event for a streamlined and efficient tournament.

Still Have Questions?

No problem! Competitive play can be confusing! Our team is here to help and look forward to making our tournaments an easy and straightforward process. Just drop us a line using the contact form below!

Tournament Schedule


Friday, May 22nd at 9pm EDT - Theme Deck Tournament

In our first tournament we will be running an unmodified Theme Deck format to help welcome Trainers of all skill levels, including beginners or those new to the live tournament concept. 16 Participants will be randomly paired and battle it out in a single elimination, online, live tournament. Coordination will be done in the Pokémon Professor Network Discord Server (available to all Patrons) as well as on Instagram! All competitors will receive 2 Rebel Clash Code Cards and the winner will receive a Rebel Clash Elite Trainer Box! 

Special Conditions TCGO Tournament Pokemon Professor Rebel Clash Elite Trainer Box


  • Ultra Prism - Imperial Command and Mach Strike
  • Forbidden Light - Tropical Takedown and Twilight Rougue
  • Celestial Storm - Leaf Charge and Hydro Fury
  • Lost Thunder - Blazing Volcano and Storm Caller
  • Team Up - Relentless Flame and Torrential Cannon
  • Unbroken Bonds - Lightning Loop and Battle Mind
  • Unified Minds - Soaring Storm and Laser Focus
  • Cosmic Eclipse - Towering Heights and Unseen Depths
  • Sword & Shield - Rillaboom, Cinderace and Inteleon
  • Rebel Clash - Zacian and Zamazenta

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