PkmnMstrz - A Pokémon GO Podcast


PkmnMstrz: A Pokémon GO Podcast

Your critical hit of Pokémon GO and all it may entail; current news, and other tidbits from the Pokémon world around us. Speculation and what may come to the game, as well as insight into our "gameplay" that we hope you find super effective. 

(Logic and adultiness are not always present.) 

What's in it for me?

What kind of Pokémon GO player are you? Casual or avid, Shiny hunter, raider, battler, Stardust grinder, collector, breeder? High chance we've got you covered no matter which way you play. Matt’s a casual raider, but that’s where the casual ends. He’s also a battler who grinds for all the ever loving Stardust he can manage. Roxy loves hunting down shiny Pokémon, while she makes her push towards Level 40.  What else can you do while you're out on the grind? Listen to music, look up raid bosses and counters while you voyage to the next battle? Let us fill your ear holes with our silliness and Pokémon  information keeping you entertained and informed about everything in the Pokémon world around us. 

Event Radar

A weekly ping on events to recap your week and prepare you for the future. Be it a reminder of what we’ve known for a while, an update or change to events mentioned before, or the announcement of things to come. This is where to find it in your Event Radar. Events incoming! 

Rookidee in the Data Mine

The canary in the coal mine is historically an advanced warning. The metaphor originates when miners carried caged canaries while at work; if there was any methane or carbon monoxide in the mine, the canary would assist in alerting the workers.

That being said, our Rookidee joins us in the data mines to give us a little warning of what we can possibly expect in Pokémon GO. Keep in mind that anything found in a data mine - no matter the source - isn’t official information, and can always be added to the game in an instant as well as removed from the code without warning. This is where we rely on our trusty Rookidee to give the best warning she can.

Pokémon GO PvP

All the information we have about the battles going on around you. Whether it’s a shift in GO Battle League or a new Silph Arena meta launching, this is the best place to find it. We also share tournament details for our community and others around us, that way you know where you need to be and when! 

Pokémon Professor Network Extended Family

PkmnMstrz is proudly a part of the Pokémon Professor Network Extended Family of Podcasts. After listening to the great dynamic between hosts, Matt and Roxy, it was an easy decision to bring them into the fold. We look forward to seeing this podcast develop and grow as they continue to entertain and inform us with their uncensored approach and Canadian flair. Check out their brand accounts on TWITTER, FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM!


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PkmnMstrz: A Pokémon GO Podcast