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Pokémon Professor Network: Podcasts


Lured Up

Dedicated to Pokémon GO, the Lured Up hosts offer diverse perspectives and personalities on the game and culture. From uncensored casual banter to hardcore analysis, you can expect to laugh while you learn how to maximize your training. Also be sure to check out our guest list as it is filled with your favorite Pokémon GO Creators!

Lured Up Podcast 118 - 2/14/2020

Ken and Adam take a look at the new City Explorer Pass available to Safari Zone Liverpool attendees, dig in to GO Battle League Ultra League, and Poke the Bear about account sharing!


Gotta Watch'em All

Covering Pokémon fandom in all of its forms, the Gotta Watch'em All Podcast provides a family friendly recap of all things Pokémon. Each week the show chronicles an episode of Pokemon: The Series with a watchalong commentary starting all the way back at Episode 1 of the Indigo League. 

Gotta Watch'em All Podcast 84 - 2/11/2020

This week's episode of Pokémon: The Series was a favorite with Ken and Adam! From the music to animation style, it left them both wanting more! We also cover the launch of Sword & Shield TCG and the amazing carved wood skateboards available from the Pokémon Center.


Special Conditions

Dedicated to the Pokemon Trading Card Game, hosts Adam and Josh offer two very unique perspectives on the game. Adam brings a lifetime of Pokemon fandom and competitive expertise, while Josh is a lifelong collector that is new to the Pokémon franchise. Their coverage and analysis of the TCG is as entertaining as it is informative! 

Special Conditions Podcast 24 - 2/15/2020

This week hosts Adam and Josh celebrate the release of the Sword & Shield expansion block! From new rules and mechanics, to art and strategies, Sword & Shield is looking to bring some excitement to the Competitive Space!

StadiumCst Podcast - Pokemon GO PvP GO Stadium


StadiumCast offers an inside look at the strategies and mechanics of Pokémon GO PvP.  Brought to you by the team at GO Stadium, you can expect expert analysis, up to date meta strategies, and commentary from some of the biggest names in the Battler scene.

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