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Lured Up

Dedicated to Pokémon GO, the Lured Up hosts, Ken and Adam offer diverse perspectives and personalities on the game and culture. From uncensored casual banter to hardcore analysis, you can expect to laugh while you learn how to maximize your training. Also be sure to check out the guest list as it is filled with your favorite Pokémon GO Creators and Influencers!

Lured Up Podcast 131 - 5/15/2020

What an amazing week of Pokémon GO Content and Commuity interaction! We start by recapping our last week of gameplay followed up with prep for next week! We discuss the recent outing of Wayfarer exploits and how the internet has reacted to it being shared. Finally we Poke The Bear and dig into the PokéCoin revamp!


Gotta Watch'em All

Covering Pokémon fandom in all of its forms, the Gotta Watch'em All hosts, Ken and Adam provides a family friendly recap of all things Pokémon. From community to culture, this show hits every topic. Each episode wraps up by chronicling an episode of Pokemon: The Series with audio watchalong commentary starting all the way back at Episode 1 of the Indigo League. 

Gotta Watch'em All Podcast 94 - 5/18/2020

The Play! Pokémon Community had a very welcomed suprise with announcement of the Players Cup! This first of its kind Online Tournament will be sure to shake up scene and will be a blast to follow! We take a look at some of the Art featured in Rebel Clash and even talk a little Pokémon Masters!


Special Conditions

Dedicated to the Pokemon Trading Card Game, hosts Adam and Josh offer two very unique perspectives on the game. Adam brings a lifetime of Pokemon fandom and competitive expertise, while Josh is a lifelong collector that is new to the Pokémon franchise. Their coverage and analysis of the TCG is as entertaining as it is informative! 

Special Conditions Podcast 34 - 5/16/2020

So much HYPE around the Players Cup Announcement! While Pokken Tournament DX and Sword & Shiled VGC will be a part of it, the big news is the TCG making its leap to the Online Arena! It will be awesome to follow and see how things will pan out! Adam shares his experience with the Pokemon Professor Program test and what he has learned! Card of the Week is Galarian Cursola!

Pokemon Professor Network PkmnMstrz


PkmnMstrz is the first podcast to join the Pokémon Professor Network extended family! Hosts Matt and Roxy bring Canadian flair and an uncensored approach to Pokémon GO coverage and entertainment. Blending two diverse play styles and approaches, this show is easy to relate and connect to. 

PkmnMstrz 47 - 5/5/20

Matt and Roxy cover talk about how Niantic is continuing to adapt there outdoor exploration game to a play at home game! Make sure to check out the Event Radar segment to keep up with the gameplay calendar! They also discuss the conversation between Ken, Adam and Alfindeol on a previous episode of Lured Up!

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