NJ GO Battle League Remote Tournaments


Join our Discord Server

The first step to getting involved with our Remote Tournaments  is to join the NJ GO Battle League Discord Server. You don't have to be from NJ to join in on the fun! Once you enter the server, simply look for the Remote Tournament Channels and request to be added to a lobby!

Join Here! - https://bit.ly/NJGBLDiscord 

Diverse Lobbies For Diverse Battlers

You will find multiple remote lobbies in the NJ GO Battle League Discord. From Small Lobbies ranging from 8-15 Trainers, to Large Lobbies ranging from 16-128 Trainers! We also run draft lobbies as well as random and custom metas to keep your skills sharp.

Fast Track To Ultra Friends

While we have been enjoying the temporary reduction in friend requirements needed to remote battle, we are prepared for the return to the Ultra Friend requirement. Our Tournament lobbies each have spreadsheets designed to help you stay up to date with your friendship progress with other trainers in your lobby!

Silph Arena, GO Stadium, GO Battle League

Regardless of your preferred Remote Tournament platform or style, we will help you make the most of your PvP experience, whether that is through the Silph Arena, GO Stadium, GO Battle League or even custom tournaments like our Server vs Server competitions!

Coordination is Key

Our team of moderators and admins will help you stay coordinated with your tournaments and specific matchups! We are here to keep the ball rolling and to enforce the rules so you don't have to!