Pokémon Professor Network

What is the Pokémon Professor Network?

Pokémon Professor is a creative aggregator of Pokémon focused content creators, designed to increase market share for affiliated brands by offering managed marketing and advertising services.  This platform of like minded creators will enhance the ability to reach new audiences, collaborate with others in Pokémon entertainment, and share best practices that will improve brand development. This creative collective is designed to be creator focused, allowing brands to retain 100% of their publishing, hosting and content management.   


We are hoping to attract Pokémon themed Podcasts, Streamers, Video Producers, Artists, Entertainers and creators of all types.  Diversity of content, creators, and platforms play an important role in the development of the PPN.

What are the goals of the Pokémon Professor Network?

For 2020, our goal of this aggregation network is to incubate and support new and experienced talent and brands, while providing optional managed marketing and advertising services to our affiliates and partners. We aim to increase the market share of our brands by connecting creators, audiences, and ideas. Breaking down the barriers of entry to digital marketing and advertising is a welcomed collateral benefit to our brands. This first year will serve as a proof of concept of the PPN.

The second year goal is to reinforce the concepts of the network by attracting advertisers that can benefit from diverse, vertical audiences managed through a single point of contact.  Profits from advertisers will be shared 1:1 with partnered creators, and will never change. 

Our third year (and beyond) goals are to continue incubation of talent with aspirations of reducing or eliminating operating costs for our creators. To summarize - Increase the market share while lowering the operating costs. We identify that costs are relative, and time is a valuable currency.

How will the Pokémon Professor Network Function?

Pokémon Professor will be a web based marketing platform, utilizing a multi brand, multi level approach to promotion.  Affiliated creators will promote the PPN on their shows, driving traffic to the centralized destination of This hub will provide descriptions and links to all associated creators and their brand destinations, allowing for cross representation between audiences. PPN will offer two levels of brand involvement for creators: Affiliate and Partner. 


The Affiliate tier will offer access to the PPN network, focusing on the incubation of fresh brands. 

The Partner tier offers a roadmap to increase brand impression share.  Partnered brands will benefit from cross audience marketing, managed advertising campaigns and monthly reporting.  Multiple options will be available to our partners, allowing for flexibility and customization to fit the goals of the brand, while still taking advantage of audience aggregation.  Management fees are fixed and fully disclosed to the creators.

How do I affiliate with the Pokémon Professor Network?

When you submit your brand to the PPN, you will receive a brief questionnaire about your brand, audience, presence, and goals.  The brand will then be vetted by PPN management to decide if the brand is a fit for the network. If you are a fit you will receive an invitation to the PPN Discord Server and a subscription to a monthly newsletter that will detail traffic, growth, and best practices.  

Brand submissions will be opening SOON!

What are the benefits to my brand?

The benefits of the PPN will scale based on your level of involvement.  In addition to being detailed on the PPN website, all affiliates will be gain access to an exclusive Discord server that can be used to collaborate and share best practices with other creators. Brands that are financially vested will be provided with a full suite of advertising benefits including managed social campaigns, website development, monthly reporting, and voluntary brainstorm/strategic meetings. 

When will the Pokémon Professor Network launch?

The PPN will be launching in early 2020. 


Thank you for your consideration of the Pokémon Professor Network.  I hope to create a fantastic environment where Pokémon creators of all types and audience sizes can thrive.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Ken Pescatore

Pokémon Professor Network

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