About the Team

The Pokémon Professor Team is made up of Ken Pescatore, Adam Tuttle, and Melissa Pescatore who are also known as The Obsessed, The Professor, and The Internet. Three longtime Pokémon fanatics that have decided to take their love for the franchise and broadcast it to the world. Blending critical criticism with casual good times, creates a fun and positive environment for all types of Pokémon fans. Being working parents also brings a perspective that many can relate to and identify and struggle with in order to be the very best. We strive to bring Pokémon fans from different corners of the fandom together, buy providing a Hub World for all types of Pokémon coverage.

We want to hear from you!

We focus on how important the Community of Pokémon is to the culture of the franchise. We want to hear what you think about the topics we cover, or suggest something new for us to discuss! Don't agree with Melissa and her salt filled rants, let us know!