NJ Silph Arena


Welcome to the NJSA

The New Jersey Silph Arena, which is part of the Pokémon Professor Network, is an accredited Silph Arena Tournament League based at the Jersey Shore.  Our mission is to expand to different communities across NJ, connecting players and building a statewide network of active, engaged, competitive Trainers.  We host a combination of monthly Officially Sanctioned Silph League events as well accredited non-cup tournaments using both Arena Rules and custom formats.

Empowering Pokémon GO Communities

By associating your local league with the NJSA, you will become part of a growing statewide grassroots effort to promote organized competitive play in Pokémon GO.   We want to bring organized PvP to your Community!  Do you have what it takes to be a Silph Road Community Lead and become official NJSA Staff to host and manage local events?  The NJSA can assist your community via your Discord, Facebook, or other platform to organize and manage events.  Will you step up to make it happen in your community?  

Silph Arena Cup Tournaments

Silph Arena Monthly Cup Tournaments are your roadmap to Regional and National competition.  We hope to aid in the development of local talent that can strive to become contenders that can represent their communities on a large scale.  Participation in all NJSA Sanctioned events will contribute to a Trainer's Silph Arena rank as well unlock a Collectible Cup Trophy Memento for your Silph League Player Profile.

Silph Arena Non-Cup Tournaments

Locally grown non-cup tournaments will be the lifeblood of the NJSA.  Consistent in person events will keep trainers engaged with the league and help them hone their skills against familiar trainers.  Non-Cup Tournaments played under "Arena Rules" will still contribute to a players ranking on Silph.GG! Non-Cup play also allows for custom tournament formats, which can be recommended by the Community.

Leaderboards and the Road to the World Championships

All results from NJSA events will be tracked via Silph.GG.  Registered Trainers will be able to track their rank within the NJSA Community, as well as against the rest of the world.  Top trainers from each Season will be invited to the Silph Arena Regionals, with a shot to take it to Worlds.  Turn your hat backwards... It's time to be the very best.

NJSAL Tournament Schedule

No upcoming events.